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Corporate Culture

Realistic innovation is a cornerstone of enterprise development and growth. East Asia Pharmaceutical has always taken the development mission of human health. In the course of more than 20 years of development, all employees of East Asia Pharmaceutical keep making progress and always adhere to and make unremitting efforts for the cause of human health.

Achievement for customer is the value of the enterprise. East Asia staff adheres to the entrepreneurial spirit of "continuous learning, continuous innovation, continuous improvement and sustainable development" to constantly explore new market opportunities while meeting the existing customer needs.

Business Objective of the Company:

To improve economic efficiency as the center, the world advanced level as catch-up goal, speed up technological progress and management progress, optimize the product structure, enhance the vitality and stamina of the enterprise and continuously improve economic efficiency, and provide the shareholders with generous returns become widely respected global pharmaceutical company.

Company Prospect:

Become the leading domestic and world-class pharmaceutical company.

Commitment to Quality:

Strong production capacity is the cornerstone of healthy and rapid development of East Asia Pharmaceutical. The company's plant and infrastructure are designed in accordance with the latest domestic and international standards, and equipped with advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and the corresponding reactor, condenser, distillation tower, vacuum pumps and other equipment are selected according to advanced technology needs, which can meet the needs of different response types of equipment; All production processes of the products are strictly in accordance with international standards, and establish a clean production environment and orderly production system. To ensure that every production process of the products is implemented and operated in accordance with industry standards, to ensure to provide the market with better products.

Drug quality is the key to human health, but also a guarantee for healthy development of East Asia Pharmaceutical. The company adheres to the management philosophy of "quality is life", and pursues quality in details. The company's CGMP quality control system runs through every process of product purchase, storage, production, inspection and sales to ensure that the product has high quality, high purity and good stability, and realize the goal of maximizing customer value.

The company introduces advanced inspection and detection technology and equipment, and establishes a professional testing center and quality research laboratory, in order to strictly control the product quality of East Asia Pharmaceutical, and ensure the company's requirements on high quality and high standards of the products.